First Name Sex

Estimate sex (gender, male/female-ness) from a list of names.

Problem: You have a list of names (e.g., from registrations on a web site) and you wonder how many of them are male and how many are female.

Solution: Upload your name list below and get back an estimate of the male and female percentages of your population. Names should be in a simple text (ASCII) format, one name per line. The first word on each line will be taken as the first name; all remaining text will be ignored.

Upload a file containing names:

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Large lists may take a few minutes to process.

This tool is based on the first names and sex (sometimes called gender) reported in the 1990 US Census. If the population your names are drawn from is not similar to the population which reported names and sex in the 1990 US Census, then the resulting report may not be accurate. Also, the larger the sample size, the more accurate the results are likely to be.

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